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Here's what clients have to say about our legal services...
  • Katherine is a rare lawyer who cares about her clients and will do what it takes to ensure a fair and sustainable outcome. I appreciate her help immensely, and would recommend her to anyone who does not want to hire a “shark”.

  • “You did an amazing job on the agreement and I really felt I was in good hands the whole time. I am very impressed with your demeanor and understanding nature. I know in the future I will probably have questions and require advice in regards to this separation and custody and my rights etc. I am relieved to know a professional in the industry that I can trust.”

  • Here's what clients have to say about our mediation services...
    • Katherine targeted my concerns and addressed them in a very professional way and never waivered from her position of neutrality. Her ability to recognize a difficult and delicate situation and somehow instill a sense of calm within the room helped me through the entire process.

  • You have a difficult job dealing with people in transition …… Having you help with that first step was definitely the right choice for me …. More people should really consider that [mediation] as opposed to running straight to a divorce lawyer….. Thanks again …

  • Katherine L. Fraser accommodated us with our work schedules. She was impartial and, if necessary, referred us back to our own family law lawyers. She helped us to achieve a fair Separation Agreement, and again when circumstances changed. I would not hesitate to recommend Katherine to any couple going through this difficult situation. She is knowledgeable, ethical, and responsible and helps to make the process as easy as possible.”