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Reading the FAQ is highly recommended as it provides quick and comprehensive answers to some of the most common questions. The FAQ addresses common concerns and uncertainties, providing a foundation for informed decision-making.

Why don’t you offer flat rates for mediation?

Honestly, a flat rate would be easier for me.

But I charge an hourly rate because it’s most fair.  If your matter is resolved quickly, you deserve to pay less.

And I don’t want to rush clients to finish their mediation in a tight time-line.

I’ve done this long enough to know that sometimes you need to have a bigger conversation to get to an agreement that works for both parties.  An agreement that ‘sticks’.

But what can I expect to pay for mediation and to have you write up the separation agreement?

Based on typical mediations, my total fees can range from about $2,000 to $2500 per party (plus applicable taxes and disbursements), assuming the clients are each paying half.

We know what we want in our agreement – can we both meet with you, get legal advice, and have you write up the agreement for us and sign it with us?

No. Even if you agree on everything, you have competing interests and the Law Society of BC says that lawyers can’t give legal advice to both parties on the same family file.

I can only be the lawyer for one of you.  The other party would be advised to review the agreement with their own lawyer before signing.

When I’m the mediator, my job is to help people decide what’s going into their agreement, which I can write up. But as a mediator, I can’t give legal advice to either of you, and can’t witness the agreement.

Does the mediation hourly rate include the cost of drafting the separation agreement?

No – drafting a separation agreement is legal work and only lawyer mediators can do this. It’s an additional cost based on a template charge, plus the hourly drafting.  The simpler agreements take less time and are a lower cost; the more complex ones that require original drafting will likely cost more. The final cost is still lower than what many lawyers charge for a similar agreement.

Do we need to bring our lawyers to mediation?

No.  This can become quite expensive.  Many of my mediations are with the clients only, but I have done mediations with lawyers as well – often when a trial date has been set and everyone is trying to settle matters to avoid trial. I am happy to work with your lawyers if you’d like to bring them.


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