I ensure that agreements are clear, comprehensive, and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; I will also help you create, review, and understand the terms and conditions.

I can assist in negotiation, review or drafting of the following agreements:

Separation agreements

These usually deal with all matters surrounding the separation – except for the divorce – and can include parenting plans, child and spousal support, the family residence, division of family property (including pension plans), division of debts, and other matters.

Cohabitation or prenuptial agreements

These types of agreements are usually done by parties in a common-law relationship or who are planning to marry, and often done to protect property that one party owns prior to the relationship, to govern property acquired during the relationship, and any other matters they want to cover.

Marriage agreements

Not as common, these agreements are done by parties who are already married, but want to set out what will happen with certain property if they separate.

Parenting plans

These deal with parenting time, other issues regarding the children, and child support.

My expertise lies in generating precise language and providing explanations to aid your decision-making.

Uncontested divorces – it’s usually recommended to have a signed agreement in place first.  Once that’s done I can also do your divorce for you if you wish.

Consultation – not sure, or want to learn more?  Book a consultation for a modest fee to get some legal advice and discuss options.

*Note – if I give you legal advice, I’m then disqualified from being the mediator on your matter

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