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Helping clients through separation in the least stressful way possible.
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I’ve been practicing law
for almost 30 years

Much of that in family law, and several years ago, I realized that going to court often doesn’t help separating couples: it’s stressful, expensive, and involves putting the outcome into the hands of a Judge who doesn’t know them or their children.
I learned that court should be a last resort for the more difficult situations, and stopped doing litigation.
My practice shifted to mediation and agreements.
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Through mediation (by Zoom or in office), Katherine helps clients settle matters in a neutral and supportive environment, to creating solutions that work for their unique situation, while avoiding the expense and stress of court.

The process

Parties use neutral third party to help them decide what’s going into their separation agreement. All discussions are confidential, and nothing discussed is to be shared in court later (in the rare situation the matter ends up in court). The goal is to reach a final agreement, which will be written up and signed. Nothing is binding until the separation agreement is signed.
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Step 1

Pre-mediation session: I meet with each party separately, by phone, Zoom or in office, to learn a bit more about them.

Step 2

Preparation for mediation: once I’ve received the requested documents, I prepare for mediation.

Step 3

Mediation - after reviewing the Agreement to Mediate, we’ll start the mediation process.

Step 4

Drafting the agreement: once mediation has been concluded, I’ll draft the separation agreement.